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  1. OAKS FIN Account Code Table
  2. OAKS FIN Process Manual (External)
  3. OBM Contact Database
  4. OBM Contact Information
  5. OBM State Accounting
  6. OBM@Work portal
  7. Office of Budget and Management (OBM) Website



  1. Beyond Boundaries (Shared Services Action Plan)
  2. OAKS FIN (Go to
  3. Ohio Shared Services (OSS) SharePoint Site
  4. Ohio Shared Services (OSS) Website
  5. OSS Meeting Minutes
  6. Participating State Agencies



  1. portal
  2. OAKS EFT Remittance Lookup
  3. Ohio Administrative Code (Ohio Laws and Rules)
  4. Ohio DAS Directives (Policies)
  5. Ohio Revised Code (Ohio Laws and Rules)
  7. (Agency search)

OSS Accounts Payable (AP)

  1. Accounts Payable (AP) Website
  2. Accounts Payable Forms
  3. AP Documents SharePoint
  4. Invoice Examples
  5. Money Converter
  6. Origin Code List


OSS Contact Center (CC)

  1. CallCopy Login
  2. Contact Center (CC) SharePoint
  3. Contact Center (CC) Website


Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

  1. ECM Documents SharePoint
  2. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Website


OSS Travel and Expense (TE)

  1. National Association of Counties (NACO)
  2. OBM Travel Rule
  3. Travel and Expense (TE) Website
  4. U.S. General Services Administration (Meals and Incidental Expenses)
  5. U.S. General Services Administration (Per Diem Rates)
  6. State Accounting Fiscal Essentials (SAFE)

OSS Supplier Operations (SO)

  1. Bank Routing Number
  2. DAS State Procurement
  3. IRS
  4. Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS)
  5. Ohio Secretary of State (Business Filing Portal)
  6. USPS Mailing Standards (Publication 28 - Postal Addressing Standards)
  7. (Look Up a ZIP Code)
  8. Supplier Forms
  9. Supplier Operations Tracker SharePoint
  10. Supplier Operations (SO) Website
  11. SO Documents SharePoint


OSS Service Management (SM)

  1. Productivity Reports
  2. QA Daily Files
  3. QA Dispute Panel Documents
  4. QA Individual Metrics Files