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Review Receipts and Expenses


  1. Select Transaction ID if Expense Report Summary is not already open.

  2. Click the Attachments (# of attachments) link to access all receipts and documents.
  3. Click View Receipts to access list of associated receipts.
  4. Click Expense Type for details.
  5. Scroll through Accounting Detail for review.
  6. Compare Expense Detail to Actual Receipt.
  7. Click Return to Expense Report link to return to detail page.
  8. Select Receipt Verified (if receipt is valid and accurate to expense).
  9. Review all Expense Types listed against any required receipts (be sure to review all applicable critical audit points).
  10. Click Save Changes after all receipts are verified and report is deemed accurate.
  11. The Save Confirmation page displays. Click OK.
  12. A 2nd Save Confirmation page displays. Click desired option to continue.

Return to "Accessing the Expense Report" to work next Expense Report.