QA Audit Process Overview


OSS Associates have specific criteria of which their work is measured based on their service line. This criterion was reviewed with the service line staff and coach as well as with the QA team prior to its implementation. Service line coaches can add, remove or reword the criteria but must communicate this to both the service line and to the Service Management Lead with at least 30 days advance notice so that Service Management has sufficient time to review and make alterations to their QA review forms. Change requests must be submitted using the OBM Process Management Center so the technical writer is notified to make the update to "The Source."


The detection of an error indicates a learning opportunity for the associate who made the error as well as a learning opportunity for the rest of the service line so the sharing of errors among team members is strongly encouraged. The identification of an error does not have to be assigned to a service line associate or to the QA team; the error may result in action taken to clarify the process or "The Source." This being said, it is not a poor reflection on any specific person but a notation that clarity is missing and by addressing it, "The Source" and/or the process can become strengthened.


QA and "The Source"


Quality Auditing Process


Quality Auditing Process Flow