Submit a Documentation Change Request

Process and procedure documentation is dynamic in nature and must change to fit current business and operational needs. The documentation of these items must reflect the regular changes to remain relevant. In establishing a formal Change Request Process, the OBM Training Academy is providing a structure for management review, coordination, and final approval for any changes or modifications to procedures. "The Source" will help OBM, as an agency, ensure a single-source for current, accurate process and procedure documentation, thus ensuring high content quality, integrity, and security.


Process for OSS Participating Agencies

For questions or concerns about information in "The Source", contact the OSS Contact Center at 1-877-OHIOSS1 (1-877-644-6771) or by email at


Process for OBM Internal Staff

Documentation change requests submitted by non-supervisors will be routed to your direct supervisor for approval prior to being received by OBM Training Academy. OBM TA will also forward requests to applicable process owner(s) when necessary for additional approval(s). OBM TA will draft all changes submitted and approved by 15th of each month (with an effective date reflecting the first Thursday of the next month) and will publish the procedure updates on the Tuesday prior to the effective date.



Change Request Initiation

All changes (regardless of type) must be submitted using the OBM Process Management Center, Service Desk application and additional documentation can be attached as needed.


Fields included on the Service Request form are:


The completed service request will be routed within the Service Desk application to the requestor’s direct supervisor for approval.


Click here for additional information on accessing and submitting the "Training Academy Documentation Change Request" form in the OBM Process Management Center.